Let’s take a moment to introduce you to our Brand Ambassador. Get acquainted with Mandy’s skincare journey through this insightful and inspirational Q&A.

Meet Mandy Madden, Natura Bissé’s Brand Ambassador and beloved Los Angeles-based content creator, creative consultant, and founder of the all-female-owned and operated luxury pet accessory company, Pagerie. Mandy has strong feminine energy as she celebrates motherhood, self-care, and her beautiful dark complexion. Mandy is dedicated to helping others feel confident inside their skin by promoting self-love and female empowerment.



What age did you start taking care of your skin?
While my beauty routine began at a young age, I would say that I started taking care of my skin in high school around the age of 16 when I began experiencing breakouts for the first time. These resulted in large dark spots and scars all over my face, which caused me to feel self-conscious. I turned that into determination to learn more about how to heal my skin myself. I conquered both the breakouts and the scars they left behind through a disciplined skincare regimen and haven’t looked back since!


What is your daily beauty routine?
My daily beauty routine is very dynamic because I know our skin changes so frequently, especially when other areas of our lives change (seasons/weather, stress, diet, suddenly wearing masks, etc.). However, all of my days are almost exactly book-ended by self-care, which always includes skincare. I generally double cleanse, tone, use serums, eye cream, moisturizers, oils, mists, both morning and night, with SPF, of course, added in the morning. In the evenings, I consider reading in bed with my husband and a scented candle and cup of tea at my side part of my beauty routine because it sets me up for good sleep and minimizes stress, both of which have profound impacts on our health and show in our skin.


How does your routine change with the seasons?
Over time, I have developed a very intuitive relationship with my skin. These days, I actually change the products I use in my routine weekly, and sometimes even more frequently if there’s an issue. In Los Angeles, subtle climate changes are different than the rest of the world; where most people get dry skin in winter, it can be more humid here. And our summers can be drier and require more hydration. Air quality is a factor, too–which is where products with a protective barrier are even more important.


Tell us your favorite skincare tricks/hacks.
I honestly don’t think tricks or hacks exist in skincare. If they did, everyone would have perfect skin! Discipline is key. It all lies in the daily routine, repeated diligently, with attention paid toward any changes you notice that could require using different products to address them. On top of that, staying on top of your routine and ensuring to give your skin a DIY at-home facial at least once a week can be a game-changer as well.


How were you introduced to Natura Bissé?
I first came across Natura Bissé while I was traveling and forgot to bring some body lotion with me. The first product I ever tried was the Natura Bissé C+C Vitamin Body Cream, and I immediately fell in love with it. The light consistency, fresh scent, and dewy finish is perfect for hot, summer days, and definitely intrigued me to continue trying more!



What is your favorite Natura Bissé product?
My current favorite Natura Bissé product is the Diamond Glyco Extreme Peel. During the pandemic, it’s become much harder to leave our homes, let alone get a professional facial. One aspect of professional facials I missed the most was the smooth, supple, and fresh feeling I was left with after a good, professional exfoliation. Using the Diamond Glyco Extreme Peel at home allows me to experience similar results as the ones I've received from professional facials. It is my absolute go-to for my at-home weekly facials.


What does luxury mean to you?
For me, luxury is an added level of care, quality, and attention to detail. It doesn’t have to be expensive, as it is more of a frame of mind. You can have a luxury experience with any budget, as long as you make your selections mindfully and treat yourself with the respect and reverence you deserve. However, I believe that better-made and higher-quality products are worth an extra financial investment if feasible, especially for important products like skincare.

How do you feel you have paved the road for women to embrace themselves through social media?
I think the fact that I share realness through my account helps a lot. Often, skincare influencers do not share their “before” pictures, or they have never struggled with any skin concerns. Because I have experienced challenges, others find it inspiring to know that they too can overcome problem skin. I also do my best to be a good example of a mom who still takes time to care for herself. So often, mothers put themselves last and are left too tired to take care of themselves. I take time for myself (and often even include my daughter in my skincare and self-care moments) because I know that not only am I a better mother when I am energized but that Kaia is watching my every move and learning from me. I want her to take great care of herself and see her worth, so I try to model that for her.



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