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Guide to cleansing oily skin

The first step towards a balanced cutis

Have you often wondered how to care for oily skin correctly? If this is your skin type, you should know that it needs some specific care to show it at its best, starting with a good cleansing routine. Stop experimenting with your cutis. Take note of these tips and start enjoying shine-free skin!

The infallible test

How do I know if I have oily skin?

With a clean face, take a close look at its characteristics. Can you see open pores, shine and any other blemishes? Well, these are all typical of oily or combination skin.

And if you're still not sure, then this next test will help. Take a piece of paper and dab it against your cutis, especially around the T zone. If there is any trace of oil on the paper, that settles it: you have oily skin.

A little skin theory: Why does your skin produce oil?

Sebum is the epidermis' natural defense system, so in reality all skin types produce it. In some cases, due to hormones, genetics, stress and other factors, the skin becomes imbalanced and produces excess sebum. This causes cutaneous discomfort, shine, dilated pores and a tendency to develop blemishes.

But did you know that because oily skin has that extra layer of protection, it takes longer to age?

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Why are facial cleansers so important?

The skin is exposed to thousands of particles that stick to the surface of the epidermis, making it dirty. This includes sweat, dead cells, makeup, pollution, etc.

To prevent pores from getting blocked by dirt and blemishes from starting to appear, the only solution is cleansing.

In the case of oily skin, removing the excess sebum and deeply cleansing pores is essential to recover a healthy-looking, matt complexion.

How to clean oily skin?

Sometimes people make the mistake of thinking that the more aggressive cleansers are most effective for this type of skin. The truth is that oily or acne-prone skin needs gentle care so it doesn't become even more imbalanced, so that blemishes don't get worse and to restore comfort.

Like any other skin type, it should be cleansed twice a day: morning and night.

It's important to use suitable products—that is to say oil-free, non-comedogenic formulas—to prevent the generation of more oil and blocked pores.

Stabilizing Facial Cleansing Gel with AHA + PHA is a facial cleansing gel formulated with alpha-hydroxy acids and gluconolactone. These ingredients offer gentle exfoliation, perfect for removing dirt and refining the cutaneous texture, something that often concerns people with oily skin.

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Don't forget to use the cleanser on your neck and décolleté as well. Massage in for one minute to ensure all dirt is wiped away. Rinse with warm water; this makes it easier to remove the product. Finish with a balancing, sebum-regulating toner such as Stabilizing Resurfacing Essence and your cleansing ritual is complete!

How to cleanse a face with blackheads

First of all, what are blackheads? They are pores blocked by an excess of sebum and dirt which oxidizes upon contact with the air, turning it black.

With thorough cleansing, you will prevent them from forming and help get rid of existing ones. Use our mask with salicylic acid, Stabilizing Cleansing Mask, as this helps reduce blemishes and minimize pore size.

Above all, don't remove blackheads with your fingers as this might result in infection, dark spots or an acne breakout.


How to improve the appearance of a pimple

Pimples break out due to an infection inside a blocked pore and are visible as a red protrusion. There is a difference between internal and external pimples depending on their maturity.

You've probably heard this a hundred times, but you should never pop a pimple! The only thing this achieves is to spread the bacteria from our hands to our face and infect other pores, aggravating the appearance of pimples.

Thanks to its formula, which contains 14% gluconolactone (along with other exfoliating acids), our toner for oily skin Stabilizing Resurfacing Essence is as effective as products with 5% benzoyl peroxide, a pharmaceutical used to treat acne.


Apply Stabilizing Resurfacing Essence to your entire face using a cotton disc to keep blemishes at bay. You can also apply it topically to pimples.

Should I cleanse oily skin before and after exercising or doing sports?

It's always advisable to remove your face makeup before doing exercise or playing sports.

For all skin types, but especially oily skin, it's a good idea to use a gentle facial cleanser like Diamond Cocoon Daily Cleanse before working out. This helps the elimination of toxins as you exercise and prevents pores from getting blocked without drying out the cutis, as this could cause a rebound effect, generating more sebum.

If you've finished your workout and your day isn't over yet, follow a minimalist version of your beauty routine (cleanser and cream) to wipe away any sweat correctly and restore the moisture and nutrients your skin has lost.