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Maria de la Orden

Find out everything about the renowned fashion designer

Maria de la Orden

The fashion designer everyone is talking about

The prestigious creator and businesswoman from Madrid, who now lives in Paris moved to the French capital at the age of 18 to study Law and Economics at the Sorbonne University. What she did not expect is that a trip to Peru would awaken her true vocation: fashion. Without thinking about it, she started to follow her dream: become herself in a fashion designer and create her first clothing brand, Mau Loa, was born in 2014.

Maria de la Orden strolling through the streets of Paris
Maria de la Orden at her store in Saint Germain, ParĂ­s

The response and success she received for her first collections on Instagram encouraged her to pursue a new bigger brand under the name of Maria de la Orden.

She currently has her own boutique in Saint Germain in Paris and is sold at over 30 multi-brand stores in France, including the prestigious Galeries Lafayette in France. Very soon, Maria will open a new store in London.

Maria de la Orden x Natura Bissé

The relationship between Maria de la Orden and Natura Bissé started in 2019 during the “Well-Living Women” collaboration. It was focused on the important link between health and beauty, to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Maria is pure elegance and vitality, such as our C+C Vitamin Line the collection she confesses is a big fan.

Aligned also in lifestyle and international projection, we have become the first cosmetic brand for which the Spanish designs an exclusive garment that is already on sale in her online store. With your purchase, enjoy an exclusive set of mini sizes of our C+C Vitamin Line!

Vitamin Chic Blouse

Everything you need to know about this seasons’ star blouse

Maria de la Orden applying her skincare routine with Natura Bissé