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The laws of firmness

Discover what you should consider to enhance skin firmness with the most advanced anti-aging serum and lifting mask. Read more!

The laws of firmness

The laws of

We explain the three principles you should consider to improve the appearance of your skin at different levels

Quality skin

A little bit of skin theory

Did you know that around the age of 20 your skin’s natural renewal process starts to slow down, giving rise to the first signs of aging? 1

Renewal is key

To enhance skin integrity, it is essential that new cells are produced at an appropriate rate to replace the damaged ones.

Thinner epidermis, challenges in sight

With age, your epidermis becomes thinner and your skin’s barrier function weakens. As a result, skin is more susceptible to external aggressions and loses its ability to retain water. Hello dryness and wrinkles.

On average, the epidermis thins by 6.4% every 10 years.2

Retinol and bakuchiol
to the rescue!

We enhanced retinol with bakuchiol for improved results and optimal skin tolerance. In the right proportions, this duo supports your skin's firmness 3 4.

· Retinol is a form of vitamin A that supports skin natural renewal5.

· Bakuchiol is a naturally derived ingredient that has a similar action to retinol. It multiplies retinol's effects while maximizing skin respect.

· We use encapsulated retinol to enhance its properties and penetration.

Have you heard about retinization?

Retinization is the adaptation phase that some skins need when they begin to use retinol. If you notice some dryness or flakiness, or feel a warm, tingling sensation, it's totally normal!

These are usually temporary effects that go away as the skin gets used to retinol. Start on alternate nights and with lower concentrations, then gradually increase the frequency of use.

You can find out how to use Essential Shock Intense Retinol Night Renewal properly.

If you are new to this ingredient and notice any changes in your skin, we recommend consulting a skincare professional for personalized advice.

A resilient epidermal structure

A little bit of skin theory

Between the ages of 25 and 34, we produce between 1 and 1.5% less collagen each year. After 35 this percentage increases slightly but the loss accelerates from the age of 40.5

The firmness fibers

The extracellular matrix is the structure that supports skin cells. This matrix is composed of collagen fibers, elastin and glycosaminoglycans (e.g. hyaluronic acid).

Less collagen, more wrinkles

This dermal structure degrades as collagen decreases with age. It is also affected by environmental exposure and other factors such as stress, lack of sleep and excessive sugar consumption.

Reinforce your skin’s architecture!

To ensure a toned, plump complexion, include skin components such as collagen in your skincare routine, as well as other effective ingredients to improve the appearance of collagen-depleted skin6.

A collagen boost to
"consolidate" your skin

Hidrolyzing means breaking a molecule down into smaller portions through a chemical reaction.

· Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and in the scaffolding of your skin.

· Our collagen of marine origin is hydrolyzed: it is broken down into small fragments to enhance its absorption.

· When it penetrates the skin, hydrolyzed collagen provides a visibly fuller and tightened complexion.

· We combine collagen with retinol, bakuchiol and Matrixyl, ingredients proven to boost firmness and suppleness.

A refined skin surface

A little bit of skin theory

To maintain your skin’s optimal thickness, there needs to be harmony between its own renewal process, which begins at the deepest level of the epidermis, and exfoliation, which takes place on the surface layer.

Bye, bye dead skin cells

If you regularly and systematically remove dead cells (corneocytes) from the outer layer of the skin, you are also stimulating the natural generation of new cells.

Exfoliate to absorb

Plus, if corneocytes accumulate on the skin's surface, cosmetics cannot penetrate properly. Be sure to exfoliate so that the active ingredients can work their magic!

Exfoliate, yes, but gently. Excessive exfoliation can compromise your skin’s barrier function.

The chemistry of glycolic acid

With gentle daily exfoliation, the skin activates its own renewal process.

· This acid dissolves the bonds that hold corneocytes together so they detach more easily, resulting in highly effective exfoliation

· Glycolic acid is the alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) with the lowest molecular weight, allowing it to penetrate the skin more effectively.

· By exfoliating the epidermal surface, glycolic acid reveals renewed, rejuvenated skin that is smoother, radiant, and has a more even tone..



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