Ode to My Mother

A short film by Isabel Coixet for Natura Bissé

"Ode to My Mother"

A short film by

Isabel Coixet X Natura Bissé

There are women who leave a mark on our lives. In the case of acclaimed Spanish filmmaker Isabel Coixet, it's her 90-year-old mother, Victoria Castillo. Positive, energetic, and with an enviable sense of style that has led her to be featured in publications like Harper's Bazaar.

Isabel Coixet, acclaimed spanish filmmaker in a portrait done by her daughter Zoe

Isabel Coixet, filmmaker

This is how Coixet wanted to portray her in an exclusive short film, turned tribute.

“This work is a compilation of moments and gestures that will always remain in my memory. My mother is a living example that time is relative and age is a state of mind.”

Isabel Coixet

An introspective piece that Coixet created of her own volition as a token of gratitude after more than a decade of friendship and skin care with Natura Bissé.

Victoria’s favorites to look radiant at 90

Isabel Coixet’s most personal interview

What’s the secret behind your mom’s energy?

Her incredible curiosity: she’s interested in everything and everyone. She goes to the movies, to the theatre, she’s well informed about politics… She’s a whirlwind!

At 90, she looks amazing. A beauty tip you’ve learned from her?

Never go to bed without removing your makeup.

A special memory with your mom?

She and my father gave me my first Super8 camera when I was about 9 years old, and ever since she has always been by my side, encouraging me to follow my dream.

What do you most admire about her?

Her wisdom and her resilient attitude. My mom is a very wise woman. She knows how to give problems the importance they really have.

A movie to watch on mother’s day?

“Terms of Endearment” with Debra Winger and Shirley MacLaine as her mom. I like it because it’s not an idealized relationship, but a real one, with its disagreements and ups and downs.

Victoria Castillo in a portrait done by granddaughter Zoe

Victoria photographed by Zoe, her photographer granddaughter and Isabel Coixet’s daughter. For the occasion, Zoe portrayed her grandmother in an endearing tribute that unites three generations of women sharing a creative spirit.