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The Mindful Touch 2

Your new mindfulness spa experience awaits

Summer is approaching, but by the time we go on vacation we're often stressed, disheartened or have little energy. Did you know that mindfulness can help you feel better?

At Natura Bissé we remain committed to this technique as a comprehensive tool for health and wellbeing. Because of this, we have created a new The Mindful Touch experience that includes a new video and new audio track to help restore your inner balance. And the best part? That that balance is also reflected in your skin!

Mindfulness is a powerful practice that will help you focus on the present moment in order to quiet your mind and restore your serenity. At Natura Bissé we have integrated mindfulness into our rituals through our revolutionary, cutting-edge protocol The The Mindful Touch, which fuses this technique with our cosmetics and virtual reality, transporting you to a deep state of wellbeing.
In order to receive the greatest benefits of mindfulness, which are achieved through consistency and repetition, we have created a new chapter of The Mindful Touch that you can combine with the previous one. There are no more excuses: you can now turn your beauty ritual into a genuine mindfulness experience and enjoy its positive effects from different perspectives.

The second chapter of The Mindful Touch includes a new virtual reality video focused on breathing, to allow you to quickly disconnect from your day, begin to savor the here and now, and quiet your thoughts. While you enjoy it, your therapist will use techniques on your body that induce even greater relaxation.

The treatment you choose begins immediately and continues while you listen to a new audio based on some very special beauty mantras: positive affirmations that will help you change your mood and look at life with renewed optimism.


Even if it seems that your day-to-day worries don't affect you, you may be more stressed than you know. Would you like to know if you, too, need a mindfulness break? Take our test. The results may surprise you!