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Diamond Experience Rose Massage

“Ultra nourishing treatment with diamond dust and the sensory experience of a spray of roses”

A luxurious and romantic ritual with outstanding restorative effects that provides dramatic results on the skin. A regenerating body treatment that includes diamond dust and reveals -extraordinarily renewed and beautiful skin. This treatment also provides a complete wellness experience and exceptional aromatherapeutic benefits, thanks to the unique Damask rose absolute. This exquisite oil is obtained from Damask roses from Morocco. Used since ancient times as a beauty elixir, Damask rose is believed to provide extraordinary rejuvenating and relaxing benefits.

A delicate exfoliation with a scrub that includes Damask rose and diamond dust will leave your skin renewed and supple, while a massage and the finishing products will reveal vibrant, silky and supple skin, transporting you through a journey of restoration and well-being in a wonderful atmosphere of roses.


  • vogue

    2016 VOGUE BEAUTY Award to the best Facial Room Treatment for DIAMOND EXPERIENCE ROSE MASSAGE