April 23

On April 23rd, a day of heroes and legends in Barcelona, NATURA BISSÉ holds BEAUTY LOVERS day. Following more than three decades of hard work and dedication, this unique event celebrates NATURA BISSÉ's strong commitment to beauty and skin care. It is a special occasion to remember the personal journey and core values of the one who was - and will always be - the pillar of our company, Ricardo Fisas.



Every April 23, the streets of Barcelona (the city where NATURA BISSÉ was born), fill with roses and books in a lovely tradition that reaches back over 500 years.

Legend tells us that Sant Jordi (Saint George), a brave and honorable knight, rescued the princess from a dragon. A rose sprang up where the blood flowed from the dragon's body which the knight gave to the princess. From that day forward, men give roses to the women. They, in turn, give the men a book.

Every April 23, San Jordi - the patron saint of lovers since the XV century – shines, as did Ricardo Fisas, lover of life with a very special personal story that is well worth sharing.



Ricardo Fisas was an honest, hard-working man with a deep sense of social, moral and family values which became the pillars on which he built the philosophy of NATURA BISSÉ.

At the age of 50, with his wife's unwavering support, Ricardo Fisas fought a tireless professional battle in which, with infectious optimism, he slew every dragon that crossed his path and managed to reinvent himself.

The outcome of his enthusiasm and achievement is a rose without thorns, a symbol of the purest beauty, one able to please every woman who today trusts her skin to NATURA BISSÉ.



On the occasion of celebration of Beauty Lovers Day, Natura Bissé reprinted Ricardo Fisas' autobiography, Brushstrokes of a Lifetime. In this memoir, the founder of Natura Bissé tells his personal and professional story in a very intimate way, sharing his company's secrets for success.

Brushstrokes of a Lifetime is the first book in a collection that will grow every year, with each new Beauty Lovers Day volume.

Explore Ricardo Fisas' autobiographical tale, a personal story closely intertwined with the story of Natura Bissé.