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A beauty ritual with extra optimism

Sometimes feel tired or dull in the morning? Enjoy this beauty and well-being ritual to start the day with an extra dose of happiness and vitality.


For days when you need a boost 

Our feelings and needs vary. There are times when fatigue gets the better of us and the world weighs more than it should. We’ve designed this well-being beauty ritual to help you feel better whenever you want. These 6 steps are all you need to turn your daily self-care ritual into an infusion of energy and joy!

1. A gentle start

Set your alarm clock a little earlier than usual. You’ll have more time to start the day, to savor a good breakfast and even do a little exercise. Stress (and the high levels of cortisol it creates in your body) is a big energy thief.(1) Avoid rushing as soon as you get up to help keep your batteries fully charged. And remember, you do need 8 hours sleep: because a good night’s rest is equally important. Use this time to purify with Oxygen Mousse, it gives you a breath of oxygen and vitality.

Collage of Oxygen Mousse, its texture and model rolling waking up
Collage of Diamond Well-living Body Scrub, its texture and model applying the product

2. Feel-good exfoliation

Dip into your Diamond Well-Living The Body Scrub once or twice a week. Sink into its citrus and ginger aroma (highly invigorating!) and feel its delicious texture between your fingers. Then apply onto dry skin with gentle circular movements. Pick a bouncy song and keep massaging until the end of the chorus. Listening to joyful music releases dopamine,(2) a neurotransmitter that makes you feel good. So... turn up the volume!

Hand turning on shower Hand turning on shower

3. Positively fresh

Tempted by a cold shower? If the idea sounds a bit hardcore, start by turning off the hot just 5 seconds before getting out, then increase the time you spend under the cold just a little more each day. A few moments’ freshness is enough to produce the right amount of adrenaline and happiness hormone beta-endorphin to wake you up and help get you going.(3)

Collage of Diamond Well-living Dry Oil Energizing, its texture and model applying the product

4. Try dynamic hydration

Did you know that a citrus fragrance brings on a better mood?(4) Add optimism to your daily body ritual with The Dry Oil – Energizing. Our ultra-nourishing oil smells like orange, lime, grapefruit, mandarin and lemon to help raise even the lowest spirits. Add-in the power of touch with a self-massage. Use vigorous maneuvers that stimulate your circulation to apply the dry oil and feel a good mood coming on.

5. Give yourself a smile

Maintain the citrus moment as you move on to your facial ritual. Try the antioxidant power of our C+C Vitamin 20% Antiox Solution and C+C Vitamin Cream. A blast of vitamins for your soul and skin! Our happy tip? Give yourself a grin in the mirror while you apply these delicious products. Your brain perceives smiles as a sign of happiness and you’ll immediately feel happier, revitalized and ready for anything.(5)

Collage of C+C Vitamin 20% Antiox Solution, its texture and model smiling
Collage of C + C SPF 50 Dry Touch Sunscreen Fluid, its texture and model

6. A good dose of self-esteem

Did you know posture influences mood? Standing up straight looks good, and more importantly helps reduce stress and improve self-esteem.(6) So, the best way to start the day is by stretching out your spine and lifting your chin up! Add built-in sun protection C + C Vitamin SPF 50 Dry Touch Sunscreen Fluid to this can-do attitude and you’ll be ready for anything!


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