Spa innovation


As a result of the thorough studies that we began in 2016, neuroscience has confirmed that Natura Bissé treatments enhance your well-being and self-esteem. To further boost the effectiveness of our rituals, we develop cutting-edge experiences that deliver extraordinary physical and mental benefits.

Ready to immerse yourself in The Era of Emotional Beauty?


The Mindful Touch

Your mindfulness spa experience

We distilled the essence of multiple disciplines to offer you a ritual that combines virtual reality, mindfulness, and the power of touch with the most advanced skincare. This incredible protocol helps you connect with the present moment to achieve renewed serenity and energy, which translates into radiant, rested skin.


Pure Air Bubble

Your 99.99% pure air escape

In this transformative high-tech space you breathe 99.99% pure air, completely free of pollutant particles. An incomparable setting, whose shape is inspired by the warm Mediterranean breeze and where you can enjoy an immersive facial treatment that rejuvenates the skin and promotes overall well-being.


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