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Shape Up Your Self-Esteem

Well-Living exercises that help you feel even better

Balanced self-esteem is a great tool for navigating life. It helps you know what you want, believe you deserve it, fight for it, and weather the storms with a positive attitude. And the best thing of all? Experts have shown you can improve yours with practice! We found some science-backed Well-Living ways to train your self-esteem. It’s easier than you think.


The American Posture Institute affirms good posture not only improves your self-esteem, it also puts you in a good mood and helps manage stress.1 It’s easy to let your spine curve when tired or feeling down. But try and remember all the benefits of walking and sitting with your head held high. Your self-confidence grows when you feel like a royal. Worth giving it a shot, don’t you think?

A Harvard Medical School article2 confirms that learning something new, like an instrument or painting technique, is an incredible way to strengthen self-confidence. It’s not about perfection, it’s about showing you can make mistakes and make progress. Learning a new language is particularly effective, as being bi-lingual has numerous other benefits: it increases white matter,3 enhances synaptic connections and helps slow aging in the brain.


While looking good makes you feel better... smelling lovely does too! A study published by the International Journal of Cosmetic Science4 demonstrated that dressing well and wearing perfume has a notable impact on self-esteem in both men and women. So now you know that there’s no better way to feel invincible than to see yourself in a good light.


Mayo Clinic experts5 affirm that a healthy lifestyle and doing things you enjoy are fundamental to a healthy self-esteem. Specialist website has the perfect explanation: “When we take care of ourselves, it affirms our self-worth.”6 So remember, every time you give yourself a spa afternoon or relax with a facemask, you’re taking care of your skin... and your mental health.

Lately, meditation seems to be touted as the solution to everything. And indeed it does have practically countless benefits! A study in Psychological Science7 showed how it affects self-enhancement, which is one of the foundations for consolidating your self-esteem. If you're unsure where to start and want to increase the impact on your self-esteem, find a few guided meditations on the subject online or download a guided meditation app and see the results multiply!

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