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The Luminous Skin Quiz

Find out your propensity to dark spots with our short quiz and discover how to visibly minimize them. Get your own personalized results and recommendations.

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Dark spots are a skincare concern that affects people of all ethnicities, skin tones and ages. Are you one of them? At Natura Bissé, we want to help you fade their appearance, no matter the cause and whatever your skin type.

We hope that this short quiz will teach you a little bit more about your skin and reveal your propensity to dark spots. The answers you give will be used to create your own personalized results and recommendations, which will steer you toward a more even and glowing complexion. Some of the tips and advice we offer may even surprise you!

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Do you know exactly how dark spots are formed?

Hyperpigmentation is an overproduction of melanin that accumulates in certain areas, resulting in skin spots or uneven skin tone. It can also be caused by oxidation of existing melanin.

Melanin is a natural pigment found in our body. It determines the color of our skin, hair and eyes and works to protect us from solar radiation. It is produced in skin cells known as melanocytes, which can become more active for various reasons, as you will soon see.

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