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The science that rejuvenates your appearance from dusk till dawn

Anyone interested in skin care knows how important sleep and rest are to having radiant skin. It is also more than likely that they know the difference between day creams and night creams. But what they may not know is that this distinction is often based on the science of chronocosmetics, which fights the natural process of skin aging. Would you like to know more about it?


Chronocosmetics is the beauty-related application of chronobiology, a discipline that studies the biological rhythms of living beings and how they affect the way an organism functions. Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2017 for their work in this field.

As with our bodies, our skin follows schedules, biological rhythms that serve as its "internal clock". Notable among these are circadian rhythms, 24-hour cycles based on the daily periods of light-darkness that regulate skin and other functions.

It is scientifically proven that, while skin cells focus all their energy during the day on defending and protecting themselves from ultraviolet rays and other external aggressors, at night they renew and repair. Since cellular division is involved in the renewal process, it leaves cells' DNA more exposed and more vulnerable. Because of this, skin performs this work at night, when there is less risk of being exposed to external aggressors and when its DNA has a lower risk of being harmed.

Chronocosmetics was born to strengthen the skin's own natural processes in order to increase the results of the treatments as much as possible. Its basis is the creation of products intended to be applied at specific times, according to what the skin needs based on its circadian rhythms. These products work in synergy with skin, thereby multiplying the benefits of the products' ingredients.

Following this philosophy, Natura Bissé have created skincare products that complements the skin’s rhythms to perform at its best all day long. During the day these beauty allies help your skin feel resililent and at night they promote a youthful-looking appearance. Discover these Natura Bissé formulas: