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Scientifically proven: our treatments improve your self-esteem and your wellbeing

Our most exhaustive scientific study to date, based on neuroscience, confirms it.

Our most comprehensive scientific study, based on neuroscience, confirms the benefits of our rituals

One of Natura Bissé’s core values is to accompany you in your personal care throughout all stages of your life. To ensure that our treatments truly make you feel better, in 2016 we initiated various neuroscientific analyses to strive for excellence in all our spa experiences.



Using neuroscience, we began to study the effects of each step in our protocols in real time, detecting which moments produce more or less pleasure in order to adjust and perfect them. This resulted in The Mindful Touch.


We studied how to switch off from daily stress in just 8 minutes with the help of virtual reality and mindfulness.


In partnership with the neuroscientific research center Starlab and the University of Murcia, we carried out our most ambitious study to date, selected for its relevance by the IFSCC (International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists).

This study scientifically validates and quantifies the physical and emotional benefits of our professional protocols, which are always based on THE POWER OF TOUCH. In addition to transforming the skin, after experiencing a Natura Bissé spa treatment:

The sensation of well-being increases by nearly 70%

The feeling of self-esteem improves

Relaxation increases (alpha-waves)


Spa experiences improve your well-being, while positively contributing to your mental health and individual empowerment.

2023 study in detail

The ritual analyzed in our 2023 study* was a signature Natura Bissé facial treatment that lasts for 60 minutes. We used an algorithm to obtain the well-being index by combining data on brain activity, heart rate and the five most relevant emotions for this study: Relaxation, Activation, Harmony, Satisfaction and Happiness.

Instrumental Measurements


Brain Activity

Monitored by EEG (electroencephalogram) using the Enobio medical device.



Heart rate

Measured by ECG (electrocardiogram).




Measurement of cortisol and alpha-amylase levels (related to stress) and oxitocine levels (related to a positive emotional state) in saliva.


Skin condition

Assessed using Visia imaging device (in-vivo measurement via macrophotos of the skin).

Subjective Measurements


Subjective emotional state

Measured using the Affective Slider, a self-assessment scale to gauge human emotions.


Perceived stress

Measured using a stress-level questionnaire.


Psychological well-being

Measured on the Ryff Scale, which assesses 6 dimensions related to psychological well-being.


Perceived skin improvement

The volunteers unanimously felt that the state of their skin had improved after the treatment.


Why has Natura Bissé carried out a neuroscientific study?

Natura Bissé’s purpose is to enhance wellbeing using our cutting-edge skincare products along with the power of touch, thanks to our aestheticians’ well-trained hands. We wanted to scientifically prove that our treatments benefit your skin, your self-esteem and your inner state..

What conclusions can be drawn from the results of this study?

The results demonstrate the importance of the power of touch and self-care for overall wellbeing. The study confirms that going to the spa can contribute positively to people’s mental health capital and their individual empowerment, help reduce stress and increase personal resilience.

What does Natura Bissé use the data from its studies for?

We use the results to adjust our spa rituals and design products and massage techniques that not only produce unbeatable results on your skin but also provide maximum relaxation and positive emotions at every stage of the treatment.

How can self-esteem and mood be measured?

With a combination of objective instrumental measurements and subjective surveys taken before and after a treatment. The same measurements were also taken before and after a control session (with no treatment).

(*) The study was performed with a group of 33 volunteers aged between 25 and 60 with measurements taken before and after a treatment. The same measurements were also taken before and after a control session (with no treatment).

The Era of Emotional Beauty HAS BEGUN

With the backing of these studies, at Natura Bissé we design professional treatments that will make you feel radically better when you leave the treatment room.

Neuroscience for your well-being.



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