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Enjoy and gift the holiday glow

Discover our exclusive limited edition sets

Enjoy and gift The Holiday Glow

Discover our exclusive limited edition sets

This festive season we want that you and your loved ones to dazzle with the true Holiday Glow. So we’ve curated exclusive sets that include some best-sellers from our most iconic collections and that are inspired by the architectural and artistic heritage of our home city, Barcelona.


The ultimate
rejuvenating set

3 Diamond jewels for ageless skin

Natura Bisse product

DIAMOND EXTREME CREAM | Energizing rejuvenating moisturizer. It is available in two textures: Rich or Light.

DIAMOND GLYCO EXTREME PEEL | Advanced rejuvenating exfoliant.

DIAMOND EXTREME EYE | Energizing lifting eye cream.


The firming
nourishing set

The infallible duo for unparalleled firmness

Natura Bisse product

ESSENTIAL SHOCK INTENSE CREAM | Intensive firming cream for excessively dry skin. It is also available in gel texture.

ESSENTIAL SHOCK INTENSE EYE & LIP | Nourishing eye and lip firming cream.


A unique design

Have you ever seen the mosaics in Barcelona? They are a little different than most mosaics because regular ceramic tiles are cut into smaller shapes and which are then assembled in different patterns. They are popular because of their versatility and wide variety of colors and designs. You can find them on the sidewalks on some streets, on the walls of emblematic buildings or hidden in different corners of Barcelona. Often, they are part of the legacy left by renowned architects like Antoni GaudĂ­ or LluĂ­s DomĂšnech i Montaner!

Looking for an extra special gift?

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