Check list for a unique experience
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Check list for a unique experience

Enjoy our journey through a 5-star treatment

Excellence isn’t about grand gestures, it’s about taking care of all the details that make a difference. We want you to enjoy our little tour of each and every step that goes into creating an unforgettable spa experience, so you can confirm our theory yourself.


The perfect setting

As soon as you step into the beauty room, a sophisticated aroma reminds you it’s time to take care of you. The weather outside may not be conducive to a good mood, but in here it’s the ideal temperature. A melody whispers in your ears and the soft lighting invites you to close your eyes.

The right kind of communication

The aesthetician introduces themselves and presents your treatment. According to their quick diagnosis, it seems like a perfect fit for your skin and your concerns. They ask a few questions to help tailor your experience to your preferences.


Unbeatable comfort

You stretch out on a warm treatment bed and they cover you gently. Your feet are swathed in a warm towel and extra towels are positioned beneath your knees to instantly relieve any back pressure. Your hair is gathered out of the way and your neck is positioned so as to avoid any tension. You’re floating on air.

Physical and mental well-being

Inhale and exhale deeply three times. The aesthetician starts working around you, using warming touches and stretches to gradually relax every part of your body. Now, simply allow yourself to be carried away. Feel the transformation of your skin and mood. You’re in expert hands.


Why choose Natura Bissé?

With a comprehensive neuroscientific study we have demonstrated that our treatments improve well-being and self-esteem by nearly 70%.

Need more reasons to try one of our rituals?