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The Mindful Touch

Your mindfulness spa experience

In an increasingly fast-paced world, stopping and appreciating the present moment has become essential to regain inner balance. That is why Natura Bissé, always at the leading edge of its sector, has once again become a pioneer with the creation of a revolutionary ritual that will take you to a new dimension of the art of well-being.

The Mindful Touch. Your Mindfulness Spa Experience is the most innovative and trailblazing venture within the spa sector, in which the results of Natura Bissé’s cosmetics are combined with the most advanced technology. Through virtual reality, mindfulness and the therapist's expertise –the touch– we invite the client to reconnect with the here and now, to relax their body, to awaken their senses and to experience the pleasure of beauty in a more intense way.


The experience begins with a welcome ritual and warmed body touches, complemented by an immersive virtual reality video inspired by the concept of mindfulness. Thus, the clients become immersed in a state of thoughtful awareness that helps them clear their mind from everyday stress, and leave their problems out of this space of beauty and tranquility.

After that first step, that will take 8-10 minutes, starts the beauty ritual and the client can can better appreciate the physical sensations, textures, temperature changes, pressure maneuvers, the effects on their skin... so that they will fully enjoy the present moment, for a more intense experience of the treatment.


With The Mindful Touch. Your Mindfulness Spa Experience you will feel the power of the therapist’s hands that delicately touch you, and become aware of the extraordinary strength of this sensation. Because do you know what happens when someone touches you gently? The touch stimulates the release of neurochemicals related to positive emotions in the brain and connects you to the core of your being. In turn, it inhibits cortisol levels, which helps reduce stress and anxiety. With each gentle touch and massage pressure some of the millions of the skin receptors awaken while producing wonderful calm and serene sensations.


According to Jon Kabat-Zinn, who has been very involved in the current development of this practice in the Western world, mindfulness can be defined as "awareness that comes from paying attention to the present moment, without judging". If we translate it to the beauty world, mindfulness quiets the constant chattering of the mind, which is the main source of worry, anxiety and stress. It is an invitation to the client to fully feel the present moment, observing and intentionally recognizing thoughts, emotions and sensations, trying to focus their attention during the treatment to reconnect with their senses, to enjoy the ritual to the fullest and to regain inner balance. The benefits of mindfulness for our health have been widely proven: it improves overall mood, physical and mental health, creativity and concentration!


The Mindful Touch. Your Mindfulness Spa Experience can be part of any Natura Bissé treatment selected, either for face or body. Incorporating virtual reality and mindfulness into the protocol helps you connect with your senses, free your mind and let your skin enjoy even more of the nourishing, moisturizing and revitalizing benefits offered by Natura Bissé’s exclusive treatments.


The Mindful Touch. Your Mindfulness Spa Experience goes far beyond skin care: it ensures absolute enjoyment of the treatment and provides renewed tranquility and energy that make it easier to reconnect with oneself. You will reach an unprecedented level of well-being, and that will also be reflected on your skin!