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Premiere Of Red Carpet Facial At The Village

Enjoy the facial we created for film stars during Award Season

The Awards Season has begun and once again Natura Bissé has created the perfect treatment to make actors and celebrities shine on the red carpet. For 2019, we have designed a cutting-edge facial that reverses environmental damage and makes skin glow: Diamond Cocoon Experience. It is a pioneering ritual that you can enjoy exclusively at Natura Bissé Spa at The Village until February 11th.

Travel, premieres, film shoots, interviews... Actors, actresses and celebrities lead a fast-paced life, which can make their skin lose its natural glow. After fourteen years’ of pampering the stars in the run up to the world’s renowned film galas, Natura Bissé knows they need a genuinely transformative facial to dazzle in front of the cameras.

Designed as a necessary, revitalising break for the body as much as the mind, Natura Bissé has developed Diamond Cocoon Experience, a treatment that promises to return skin to its full splendour and vitality. This innovative facial is based on the three principles of the Diamond Cocoon Collection—fortify, shield and liberate—and leaves skin purified and radiant.


Book in now to be the first to discover this unforgettable experience that not only repairs but also feeds skin leaving it replenished with new energy. Natura Bissé Spa at The Village is the perfect place to enjoy this ritual. Conceived as an exclusive space to restore balance and repair skin from the effects of urban life, all its treatment rooms benefit from an anti-pollutant filtration system resulting in 99.9% pure filtered air. In just 60 minutes, Diamond Cocoon Experience counters the damage of modern pollution and stress. The result is a visibly smoother and more luminous complexion.

Ready to show off your red-carpet skin?