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The perfect gift for the special woman in your life

Item No. 31K774
Net wt. 2.5 oz- 75 ml | 0.5 fl. oz - 15 ml
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Beauty Tips

Apply C+C Vitamin Eye to invigorate your eyes at any time of day.

Use C+C Vitamin Eye before your usual eye contour cream to help beat fatigue.

Enhance the impact of C+C Vitamin Eye by applying after your face serum and before your usual cream.

For those exposed to a lot of sun: apply C+C Vitamin Cream regularly to help moisturize and improve your skin’s appearance.

For smokers: C+C Vitamin Cream is the ideal formula to restore radiance and revitalize a dull complexion.

  • mother’s day set - step 1 - Getting the best of it Step 1

    Apply both products daily, morning and night.

  • mother’s day set - step 2 - Getting the best of it Step 2

    First apply your usual serum, then massage C+C Vitamin Eye gently around the eye contour until fully absorbed.

  • mother’s day set - step 3 - Getting the best of it Step 3

    For more effective results, apply to the lower lid and massage gently from the inner to the outer corner of the eye and back again.

  • mother’s day set - step 4 - Getting the best of it Step 4

    Apply the cream to your face, neck and décolleté. Then, gently massage in gentle circular motions until fully absorbed.

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