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The Gift Guide for Every Mum

Every mum is unique so are the skincare needs during each stage of motherhood.

We know how important mums are in all our lives, now more than ever and this Mothers’ day we might not even be able to see our mums at this time. We love to say that every skin is unique, but every mum is also unique and this year, we want to celebrate your mum with you. There are lots of different types of mum and we wanted to create a gift guide so you can treat your mum (or yourself!) to the perfect gift, so which will you choose?

The “MUM IN WAITING” – you might be a first-time mum waiting for your exciting new arrival in order to begin your mothering journey, or you might have done this all before, either way, it is a time to treasure and look after yourself, get some sleep in the bank and nourish yourself, your baby and your skin. Ensuring your skin is kept hydrated will ensure that stretch marks are kept to a minimum and your skin glows well past your due date.

Essential Shock Intense Cream– is a beautifully hydrating cream that increases collagen production and contains isoflavones extracted from the Iris Florentina flower that helps alleviate the effects that hormonal fluctuation has on the skin.
Essential shock Derma Repair– an exceptionally rich cream that prevents and repairs all types of stretch marks, regenerating and softening the skin.


The “NEWBY MUM” – you are in the baby bubble but don’t forget to look after you! With hormonal changes, broken sleep and snatched meals, skincare routines can take a back seat. Keep a simple routine going where possible to address key issues like cleansing, hydration and eye care to keep you feeling and looking like you!

Oxygen Finishing Mask – an infusion of energy that highly purifies, invigorates and awakens the skin in just 10 minutes. It might be hard to find that time as a newby mum, but it is definitely worth it.
NB Ceutical Eye Recovery Balm is a deeply soothing eye contour balm-gel that is packed with anti-stress active ingredients like Sensorphine, helping diminish the signs of fatigue and provide hydration and luminosity to the eye area.

The “MULTI-TASKING MUM” – you are everyone’s go to person from running a business to running home schooling to just plain running … and we know you need products that work quickly and efficiently, just like you! Better still, if they can multi-task then you will love them even more – get a glow and look after your skin? Everything is possible…

Diamond Cocoon Sheer Eye – designed to protect the eye area from pollution, blue HEV light and day to day stress, this lightweight auto adaptive tint provides a perfect touch of colour to minimise dark circles and reduce puffiness.
Diamond Cocoon Sheer Cream– a true multi-tasker: from protecting skin from pollution and HEV blue light, providing deep hydration and a hint of colour thanks to its clever auto adaptive formula as well as boasting an SPF 30? Impressive!


The “ME-TIME MUM” – this is the stage when you can put your feet up and look after yourself, the kids have flown the coop and you can spend some real time on you. Run a bath, read a book, apply a luxurious body cream and enjoy an overnight skincare treatment that will leave your skin plump, dewy and glowing come morning.


Diamond Extreme Mask and Diamond Extreme Oil – use these together as your perfect night time skincare partners! Harnessing the power of chrono cosmetics – a pioneering technological approach where the effects of skincare are synched with our biological skin rhythm, thus maximising cell repair whilst we sleep. Rich in active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, retinol and marine DNA, and a combination of sumptuous biocompatible oils —chia, amaranth, calendula— and potent punicic acid (omega 5), skin is nourished from within.
Diamond Extreme Cream– a bio regenerative extreme cream that energises and deeply hydrates the skin to protect and restore its vitality leaving the complexion invigorated and glowing.
Diamond Body–  A luxurious formula with Oligo-Collagen Complex to refine the contours of the body to firm and hydrate and did we mention it smells amazing?!