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Best facial for sensitive skin

For the first time in its history, the renowned women's magazine Cosmopolitan Hong Kong has granted awards for the year’s best beauty treatments at the Spa Awards 2015, a sign of how important the professional protocols in our beauty rituals have become.

The jury, formed by the editors at Cosmopolitan, has chosen the DESENSITIZING SKIN RECOVERY TREATMENT as the best facial for sensitive skin (known as SKIN COMFORT in other countries). This treatment is one of the star rituals at Natura Bissé’s flagship store in the beautiful Asian city. This innovative facial provides immediate relief to reactive skins suffering from disorders such as redness, inflammation or tightness thanks to a unique combination of repairing and decongesting ingredients. In addition to a unique calming effect, the award-winning facial rebalances skin and reinforces it to increase its resistance to external aggressors. Maximum comfort and protection for a fully repaired skin.

 A protocol that incorporates unique products from the NB•CEUTICAL COLLECTION, an exquisite collection of treatment products for at-home care created specifically for sensitive skin.