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3 Mask Ritual

When we apply a mask we not only cleanse, purify and nourish our skin, but we also enjoy a moment of peace and well-being, a moment of joy, pleasure and comfort for ourselves. Masks improve our skin in a spectacular way, and when we allow the mask to work for a while, the ingredients it includes have more time to penetrate the skin. In addition, if we apply it after other products, we help seal its active ingredients in the skin, boosting its effectiveness.



Can you imagine tripling this improvement in one week? Multiply   the benefits of your beauty ritual by 3 by combining 3 masks of different actions –cleansing, hydration and luminosity, and show off radiant skin. You will only need to set aside 15 minutes and 3 nights, and in just 7 days you will see spectacular results.


This first step for beautiful skin is a deep cleansing. Start the week with a smooth, soft and unblemished complexion thanks to STABILIZING CLEANSING MASK. A double action mask that cleanses your skin, while exfoliating and providing a detox effect. With a matte finish, it controls excess production of oils, removes blackheads and prevents and minimizes clogged pores. Perfect for all skin types, it is especially recommended for oily-prone skin.


By mid-week your skin needs extra hydration, an essential step for a fresh and supple complexion. ESSENTIAL SHOCK INTENSE MASK is a mask with antioxidant action that intensely nourishes the skin; in addition to improving firmness and combating signs of aging, it restores vitality and elasticity to even the most damaged skin. You will fall in love with its delicious scent!


Welcome the weekend by energizing your skin with C+C VITAMIN SOUFFLÉ MASK. Infuse your skin with a vitamin and antioxidant cocktail, and forget about dull skin with this delicious-textured mask. It also restores elasticity, minimizes dark spots and protects against free radicals, revealing radiant and luminous skin.