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Because repetition is essential


As with any other discipline, the key to successfully incorporating mindfulness into your daily life is repetition. It is not enough to practice it once in a while; only consistency will create an embedded habit and provide you with significant, long-lasting benefits.


Concentrate on the here and now

First, let us briefly summarize what we understand as mindfulness. Normally interpreted as "full attention", it is about focusing completely on what is happening and what you are feeling at that particular moment, appreciating it without judging it as either positive or negative.


A rest for the mind

Intense mental activity -normally associated with worries about the past or the future- triggers the release of neurochemicals that are toxic to your organism. If you intentionally focus on the present you will be able to quiet the mental noise and stop the rush of thoughts that cause stress and anxiety. In other words, you let your head rest and when you do, your senses awaken and increase your ability to focus, your energy and your overall wellbeing.

Your brain can change

The brain has the ability to modify itself in response to what it experiences. But for mindfulness to leave a neural imprint (effects seen over the long term), you need consistency.

Consistency is the key

With repetition, the state of peacefulness that you achieve during the practice can become a lasting characteristic: it will be increasingly easier to connect to the now and let your worries go. In addition, your mind will be able to remain serene over a longer period of time and your inner state of calm will begin to last a little longer.

Enhance your daily practice

The best way to experience benefits is to set aside 10 to 15 minutes every day to practice mindfulness. There are many ways to do it, and in an upcoming article we will give you some tips to finding the best way for you. In any event, a good way to familiarize yourself with this technique is to try The Mindful Touch. Your Mindfulness Spa Experience. This treatment helps you effortlessly focus your attention on the present, and if you enjoy it frequently you will increasingly see its effects. Since it can also be combined with your preferred Natura Bissé protocol, you will never experience it quite the same way twice. Give your body and your mind the break they deserve and start seeing changes in your outlook on life.