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October beauty goal:


Autumn is a time of transition and transformation. The color of trees, temperatures, and even - in some parts of the world - time itself changes. Your skin's needs also change, so in order to help you prepare for the cold and head into this season of the year with luminous skin, we recommend three room treatments that are perfect for this time of year.



Start Autumn with a professional treatment

While in September we recommended two incredible collections to help you restore the beauty of your post-summer skin at home, this month we recommend going to your beauty center and gifting yourself a room treatment that will give you the extra care that your skin needs. It will let you fully recover and get ready for the winter cold. Just pick the professional treatment that is best for you and get ready to dazzle.


Restore luminosity to your skin

If one of your primary beauty goals is to get rid of dark spots on your skin you should know that this is the perfect time, since during Autumn you are less exposed to the sun and have all year to follow a specific treatment. Discover Diamond Whitening System, a beauty protocol based on 3 pillars (renewal, depigmentation and illumination) that fights hyperpigmentation, effectively evens out skin tone and texture, and offers immediate, long-lasting results.



Restores your skin's firmness

After months of high temperatures, your skin can look dehydrated and seem less firm and tight. To restore your skin's elasticity and moisture - essential to protecting it against the cold- try 3D Collagen Shock, a remodeling, refirming treatment that combines three types of collagen (high, medium and low molecular weight) designed to provide firmness. It also sculpts the contours of your face, improves skin density and provides an incredible lifting effect to reveal skin that is more defined, smooth and luscious.

Bank on a reliable basic: deep cleansing

Impurities, pollution and excess oil in your skin can leave it looking dull and lifeless. This makes a deep facial cleansing every so often absolutely essential. Revitalize and renew your skin with the effective carboxytherapy technique of The Cure treatment, a meticulous protocol that detoxifies the skin and purifies pores, providing an instant sensation of wellbeing. The results? Skin that is free of impurities, oxygenated and hydrated.


Beauty tip of the month:


Boost the effects of the room treatment by using a nighttime ritual at home

To extend and improve the results of these professional treatments and help delay the natural skin aging process, we recommend nightly applications of Diamond Extreme Oil and Diamond Extreme Mask. These are a nourishing oil and restorative mask, respectively, that work in synergy throughout the night to nourish, revitalize and refirm your skin while providing luminosity.