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Red Carpet Ready

The MET Gala

How does one get red carpet ready for the Met Gala in NYC when it is only days away? A Natura Bissé spa ritual is the solution to achieve dazzling skin!

On Thursday April 27th through Monday May 1st, Natura Bissé partnered with renowned Italian jewelry house Buccellati, to host a unique wellness experience for VIPS and celebrities attending the Met Gala on May 1st that gains admiring international glances across the globe.

The event took place at the exclusive Buccellati boutique on Madison Avenue where our skilled and talented aestheticians performed THE MINDFUL TOUCH: Your Mindfulness Spa Experience inside the Bubble Pure Air, an exclusive space where 99.995% of pure air is breathed. The MINDFUL TOUCH experience guided the guests with the help of virtual reality and an audio inspired by mindfulness techniques to a very relaxed and focused state of mind that allowed them to fully experience the present moment.

Top designers, models and actresses enjoyed this unique ritual that transformed their beauty from the inside out. Their mind was completely relaxed, their senses 100% aware and their skin perfectly hydrated, lifted and glowing. Ready to dazzle like never before!


Would you like to experience this unique ritual? We are delighted to announce that it is available around the States just for you to enjoy. Discover where.