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We laid the first Cornerstone
of our new corporate headquarters


Natura Bissé broke ground for its new corporate headquarters, which will be located in the Parc de l’Alba in Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona). The building, set on 5.747 m2 of land, will have an area of 13.500 m2, and will house the research center, marketing, logistics, the factory and an area set aside for training and innovation. The investment in this project is estimated at 15 million euros.

The event was presided by Government of Catalonia Minister of Territory and Sustainability Josep Rull, who highlighted in his speech the added value of family-owned businesses, emphasizing three characteristic traits of the company: “A great thing about Natura Bissé is that it has never set limits for itself. It has been able to open a market for itself, an exporting powerhouse and it has focused its activities on added value and research". 

Verónica Fisas, CEO and General Director of Natura Bissé, then stated: "Construction of the new headquarters is one of the company's biggest strategic initiatives going into the next few years. We are taking this enormous step in order pursue our goals for the future, which include both expanding internationally into new markets and strengthening our existing markets, through our subsidiaries in the Unites States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and Mexico". 


Facilities focused
on innovation


The business area chosen for the location, the Parc de l'Alba, is a center of research and production built around its primary anchor, the Alba Synchroton, the largest scientific infrastructure in southern Europe.

The building, which is scheduled to open at the end of 2018, will house a new division, Natura Bissé Innova, dedicated to innovation, research and training. The project is also expected to include the creation of a large smart warehouse that will allow worldwide marketing to expand efficiently.

Designed by TDB Arquitectura, the facility will have five levels, with a structure that blends in with the surrounding area and an identity that matches the corporate image. 

The headquarters will be built according to sustainability and energy efficiency parameters; for example, solar panels will be installed and all inside lighting will have LED technology, adjusting in intensity according to the outside light.

To promote teamwork, priority has been given to open spaces and transparent conference rooms, and  numerous areas for interaction, such as large terraces on each of the floors.  In addition, patios and skylights will provide employees with broad vistas and natural light everywhere.