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June Beauty Goal


The countdown to summer vacation starts in June. We start dreaming about idyllic beaches, planning our next destination, and (why not?) thinking about spoiling ourselves a little more than we do the rest of the year. This month, indulge yourself by taking care of your skin.

Let your skin enjoy the summer

Caring for your skin is a pleasure. Not just because of the end results, but also because of the process. Feeling a cream's texture on your skin, massaging your feet with a delicious oil, or noticing how soft your skin is after applying a refreshing face mask: these are small moments of satisfaction that lead to both physical and mental wellbeing. Since vacation is a time to enjoy, and it's just around the corner, we want to share a few ideas so you can get a head start on pampering your skin.


Gift yourself a room treatment

Let yourself be pampered by the hands of experts in skin care. For this time of year, we recommend the facial protocol Citrus Vita Essence as well as the body treatment Royal Citrus Ritual. Two exquisite experiences based on vitamin C that boost skin energy, vitality, luminosity, and firmness. For the treatment to be even more relaxing, combine it with The Mindful Touch, a ritual that adds mindfulness, virtual reality, the power of touch, and the most advanced skincare; a new experience which we have just launched.


Set aside some home spa time

Take a night off each week to relax with a complete beauty ritual, including exfoliant and mask. After cleansing and toning, apply our C+C Vitamin Scrub. It is a marvelous citrus-scented exfoliant that eliminates dead cells and prepares your skin, both to boost the benefits of the cosmetics you apply later, and to get a more even tan. We recommend following it with Essential Shock Intense Mask, a hydrating mask that will restore your skin's full luminosity and vitality.

Reward your feet with very special care

They've been hidden and forgotten all winter long, and now it's time to give our feet the care they deserve. After a soothing bath, exfoliate them with C+C Vitamin Scrub, ideal for face and body, paying special attention to the areas with rough or hard spots. After that, hydrate your skin with C+C Vitamin Body Cream, a rich, creamy body emulsion that also adds firmness and elasticity. To nourish your nails and cuticles, apply NB·Ceutical Rosa Mosqueta Oil with Tamanu Oil. Its incredible regenerative power makes it perfect when they are extremely dry.


Give you skin a little extra nutrition

To deeply hydrate your body's skin, use the antioxidant-effect Oxygen Perfecting Oil. In addition to fighting free radicals, this product nourishes, hydrates and tones skin, and has aromatic properties that applying it turns into an exclusive, soothing ritual.

BEAUTY TIP OF THE MONTH: Change to a lighter hydrating body cream

If you love our fabulous C+C Vitamin Summer Lotion, which won The Tatler Award for best body cream, you should know that it provides more than just a magnificent refreshing sensation after sun exposure. It can also be your ally before going out in the sun, as a source of hydration and a way to ensure a natural, even, lasting tan. Its light texture and fast absorption also makes it ideal for this time of year.