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Stretch marks are one of the most common aesthetic concerns. Most women, and some men, suffer from them for much of their lives, and they are very difficult to eliminate. Precisely because of that, the key to combating them is prevention. Discover why, how and when they form, and prevent their appearance.


What they are and why they appear

Stretch marks are scars that occur when the elastic fibers of the dermis tear. This happens during periods when the skin is stretched or strained too fast and can’t adapt to this sudden growth. Lack of tissue elasticity, hormonal imbalances or genetic inheritance influence their appearance.

When and where to be alert

There are times in our lives when we are at greater risk of developing stretch marks, such as during pregnancy –between 50-90% of pregnant women have them– puberty or weight loss diets. In addition, there are areas of our body where they tend to appear more easily, such as thighs, buttocks abdomen, breasts, arms and back. Take care of those areas of your body by giving them a lot of hydration to preserve skin tone and elasticity and resist tension without being affected.


Color is important

Did you know that you can distinguish at what stage of evolution stretch marks are? You just have to look at their color. At first, they are pink and reddish, and after a while, they turn white and pearl-colored. That first stage –red stretch marks– is decisive, because it is when they are easier to fade. Check your skin regularly to control the appearance of stretch marks and address them as soon as possible.




Your best weapon against stretch marks

To prevent the appearance of stretch marks and help improve the existing ones, we have created
a rich-textured cream with an effective firming power, specifically formulated to combat them and designed to maintain skin flexible and in perfect condition to withstand the stretching that causes them.
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