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The best ingredients in the fight against skin hyperpigmentation


Even though we all care very much about the results our cosmetics provide, we are often unaware of what makes them work and truly effective. Would you like to know what powerful ingredients Natura Bissé has included in its depigmenting line, DIAMOND WHITE COLLECTION? If you are concerned about dark spots on your skin, read carefully - because this team of active ingredients is here to help. 



1. The Depigmenting Agents


Reduce the production and delivery of melanin to the skin's surface.

Dioic acid: Obtained from Omega-9 fatty acids and present in olive oil, this agent can reduce melanin by 22% over 8 weeks.

Phytic acid: Present in most plant seeds, phytic acid blocks tyrosinase, an enzyme that controls melanin. It is a powerful antioxidant that also provides an anti-inflammatory effect.

Melanoreductyl: In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, this agent blocks the activation of melanocytes, cells whose primary function is melanin production.

Maslinic acid: Obtained from the skin of the olive, this acid stimulates protein replacement in skin cells, resulting in an immediate repairing effect. It is highly effective in addressing discoloration caused by inflammation.

Betaine: Found in sugar beets, betaine helps maintain proper cellular volume, protects skin and prevents the formation of dead skin cells. It also hydrates and serves as an anti-irritant. 


2. The Illuminator


Visibly diminishes the size and intensity of spots. 

Hydrogen peroxide: With its powerful oxidizing action, this stable acid prevents discoloration, fights bacteria and safely lightens existing melanin on the surface of your skin.  


3. The Renovators


Improve skin's texture and suppleness. 

Glycolic acid: The most powerful of the AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) used in chemical peels, this acid exfoliates the surface layers of our skin, which translates into the immediate elimination of excess melanin. It also contributes to rebuilding your dermis and to greater water retention.

Glycerin: Thanks to its significant moisturizing effect and extraordinary ability to retain water, glycerin hydrates skin intensely, which is essential for skin to function correctly.

Biofermented extract of corn sugar: Obtained from corn, this emollient possesses exceptional hydrating properties thanks to its remarkable ability to trap water molecules. It complements the action of the glycerin. 



Triple effectiveness


Based on these three pillars - depigmenting, renewing and brightening - Natura Bissé has created an effective facial room treatment with which to fight skin hyperpigmentation. Say goodbye to unsightly spots caused by sun and aging and hello to clear, even, smooth, glowing skin.