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How a revolutionary product is born

Q&A with Patricia Fisas




“We have created
an antiaging cocktail for expert women


Natura Bissé changes the laws of skincare once again, with the launch of INHIBIT HIGH DEFINITION TREATMENT, an anti-aging treatment that combines INHIBIT HIGH DEFINITION SERUM, an intensive correcting serum for expression lines, and INHIBIT HIGH DEFINITION PATCHES (transepidermal correcting patches). With no invasive procedures, this unique combination smooths, fills, lifts and firms, revealing high definition skin. We are talking to Patricia Fisas, Senior VP of Research & Innovation for Natura Bissé, to learn the key to this revolutionary cosmetic. 


Why has Natura Bissé created a treatment like Inhibit High Definition Treatment? 

INHIBIT HIGH DEFINITION TREATMENT is a product that grew out of our own evolution. In 2003, we introduced the Inhibit intensive serum, the first Natura Bissé product conceived as a cosmetic alternative to Botox® and facial filler microinjections. It was followed in 2004 by INHIBIT Dermafill and in 2006 by Inhibit-Tensolift.

Inhibit-Tensolift is one of the iconic products in our catalog and one of the most technological products of our brand. 

Being aware of how technology and scientific discoveries advance, we felt the need to reassess this product in order to incorporate newer ingredients that would improve its effectiveness even more.


“A rejuvenating treatment
using exclusive technology”


And that led to the new  INHIBIT HIGH DEFINITION SERUM and INHIBIT HIGH DEFINITION PATCHES: it was born of the desire to create an even better market solution for erasing wrinkles and expression lines.





What scientific advances did you draw on to create it?

INHIBIT HIGH DEFINITION SERUM is the new generation of serums in the Inhibit collection, which are based on the mechanisms of Botox® and facial filler microinjections. These serums incorporate a revolutionary molecule, Octamioxyl®, which is able to relax the facial contractions that cause the appearance of expression lines. This molecule is once again a key ingredient in INHIBIT HIGH DEFINITION SERUM, because we believe it continues to be one of the most effective active ingredients for inhibiting wrinkles; but we have also boosted the inhibiting action on facial contractions by incorporating a new neuropeptide relaxer, conotoxin, which works directly on the formation of expression lines and wrinkles, thus doubling the inhibiting effectiveness of the product. We also incorporated ingredients that are bioidentical to human placenta, which provide an elevated number of growth factors that are essential to regenerating skin.

In developing the INHIBIT HIGH DEFINITION PATCHES, we partnered with a Korean laboratory that has designed pioneering technology in transepidermal patches for pharmaceutical use, backed by 13 international patents, and now introduced by Natura Bissé for cosmetic use. Through a completely innovative technology, it has been possible to solidify powerful antiaging ingredients in the form of microneedles. This is the basis for the patches, by which the active ingredients are able to penetrate deep into the skin. After an in-depth analysis of different alternatives, we chose an exclusive combination of powerful anti-wrinkle active ingredients which include double hyaluronic acid and conotoxin, a combination that no one else in the industry has at this time; by bringing together an ingredient with proven filler action and a relaxing neuropeptide, the product offers results that are not only immediate but cumulative, in terms of softening expression lines.


Is it also a preventive treatment?

INHIBIT HIGH DEFINITION SERUM does have a preventive effect, as its formula incorporates ingredients with antioxidant properties that prevent premature skin aging. It also includes active ingredients that help reinforce the skin's barrier action against external aggressors, while helping prevent the appearance of dark spots. In addition, it incorporates ingredients that inhibit and relax facial contractions; so if we apply the product before the wrinkle is etched in the skin, we can act preventively.

INHIBIT HIGH DEFINITION PATCHES are used to soften wrinkles and expression lines, but continued use also prevents their appearance. By incorporating a powerful ingredient that inhibits and relaxes facial contractions, wrinkles are instantly softened and at same time, their future formation is considerably reduced. On the other hand, by introducing hyaluronic acid into skin through the microneedles, the deepest layers of the epidermis are reinforced and rehydrated from the within; this maintains skin's hydration levels which is key to keeping it youthful over a longer period of time. 


It has been said that the serum will change the rules of the game. Why?

This is a completely innovative product. For one, it was created using Skinform Molecular Technology®, which is exclusive to Natura Bissé. This technology has allowed us to design the formula for Inhibit INHIBIT HIGH DEFINITION SERUM, which includes an ultra-concentrated megafusion with a 71% content of cutting-edge active ingredients in the form of a fast-absorbing bio-emulsion. This formula includes molecules that inhibit facial contractions, triple hyaluronic acid, and superfilling, hydrating agents that provide the skin with volume and density from within. It also contains firming and restructuring peptides. All of these, in a cocktail with six key growth factors for skin regeneration, are able to reform the texture of skin, achieving visible results from the first few applications. 



We have taken into account the latest innovations and lifting procedures, facial remodeling and wrinkle fillers, in order to select the most efficient active ingredients for the formula we were looking for


¿What type of woman did you have in mind when creating these products??

We created these products thinking about what our Natura Bissé customers are like: independent, sophisticated, cultured, with fulfilling professional and personal lives; they believe that skin care is a priority in their daily routines.

More specifically, in the case of INHIBIT HIGH DEFINITION TREATMENT, she is a discerning woman, knowledgeable about the latest rejuvenating products and techniques, who firmly believes that the use of technologically-advanced skincare will make a significant change in her skin. 

She is a true expert and is aware of the difference that a quality cream can make. She is willing to invest in skincare and in treatments that yield results, regardless of the cost, and carefully chooses those that work best for her.

She is a woman who knows and accepts herself but wants skin that is cared for, without wrinkles, with the most youthful appearance possible. She may be someone who uses microinjections or other medi-aesthetic procedures and wants to boost and extend the results by using this type of treatment; or she may be a woman who prefers to postpone putting herself in the hands of a physician and instead chooses ultra-powerful cosmetics with superior antiaging action.