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Perfect skin throughout the holidays

Most beauty tips for this time of year focus on how to get ready for Christmas and New Year's Eve. But there will be other events from December 24 through January 6 where you will also want to look your very best. So we’ve asked our experts at Natura Bissé to share with us their best secrets to looking radiant during those two weeks of get-togethers, shopping, toasts, laughter and unending nights. 


The first event of the Christmas season is Christmas Eve. Any recommendations to look amazing that day?

Of course! Since you have a bit of time to work with, my best recommendation is to schedule an appointment with your beauty salon for that afternoon and treat yourself to a good facial. The aesthetician will recommend the best one for your skin (firming, oxygenating, etc.), but the first step in the treatment absolutely must be a chemical peel, such as a fruit acid-based peel. This is a deep, non-aggressive exfoliation that removes the dead cells that dull our skin. Your skin will look radiant and luminous. What better way to kick off the holidays than with completely renewed skin? 


We're going to go to bed late that night. What should we do to look good the next day -  Christmas?

The solution to helping your skin recover is a good mask. You can let it work for 20 minutes while you do other things like cook, do your nails, or... open presents! And if you apply a repair serum first, you will boost the benefits of both products. The active ingredients will better penetrate your skin and the results will be spectacular. There are super-refreshing masks that work wonders, erasing any signs of tiredness. The perfect solution!


On New Year's Eve, we all want to absolutely dazzle. Is there any trick to radiating beauty on that magical night?

Naturally, your outfit will be stunning, so I would focus on your skin, especially your arms, shoulders and décolleté. Again, I would go to the beauty salon for a body treatment that leaves your skin looking fabulous. They generally start with a thorough exfoliation which gives you incredibly smooth, silky skin. Once at home, I would also use a face mask and a concentrate to help seal your makeup, such as DIAMOND DROPS, a marine DNA shield. Another foolproof trick to looking perfect all night long is to carry an energizing lotion in your handbag. Applying it to your face from time to time will keep your skin looking fresh and your makeup impeccable for hours. If you haven't tried DIAMOND MIST, we recommend it 100%. Besides, you’ll love its delicious lavender scent. 


The family dinner on New Year's Day is a classic. Is there any way to erase the signs of the previous night from our skin? 

Aside from repeating the same regimen as on Christmas Day, pay a lot of attention to your eyes, which is where fatigue is most noticeable. To get rid of dark circles under your eyes, choose a good eye contour that increases microcirculation. And of course, you can't skip the use of a concealer with color pigments to brighten the eye contour area. There are several ways to apply the eye contour treatment, depending on the goal. To soften shadows under your eyes, apply the products with long, gentle strokes across your lower eyelid, moving from the tear duct outward (repeat three times). To reduce puffiness under your eyes, pump slowly and gently with your fingers in the same direction as above, also repeating three times.