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5 inspirational women, a historical abbey and a new chapter in #TheMindfulTouch


At Nature Bissé we understand beauty as a global concept that contemplates both body and mind. One year ago we launched The Mindful Touch. Your Mindfulness Spa Experience, an innovative protocol that for the first time introduced mindfulness in the treatment room. For the first year anniversary of this integral tool of health and well-being, we present the second chapter, with a new video and audio that will help you recover your inner balance and delve into the practice of mindfulness while you enjoy your favorite Nature Bissé treatment.

What better way to celebrate the first anniversary of The Mindful Touch than with a mindfulness getaway? Four beauty lovers, ambassadors of the brand, along with Alejandra Vallejo-Nágera, a psychologist, teacher and expert in mindfulness as their guide, embarked on a journey to escape the stressful routine of the city, to press the pause button, to completely relax and to re-connect with their inner self.

Our guests were a charismatic and very active group: journalist Patricia Sañes, a versatile woman truly passionate about her profession, always involved in several projects at the same time; Belen Canalejo, entrepreneur, blogger and mom of four, an example of accomplishment who inspires us every day; Jessie Chanes, blogger and also mother, whose fresh outlook and authenticity captivated us many years ago; and Zina Charkoplia, stylist, fashion consultant and tireless traveler who personifies the cosmopolitan woman to perfection.

The place chosen for this retreat was Abadía Retuerta Le Domaine, a historical abbey of the 12th century (one of the oldest in Spain), transformed into a five-star hotel that still preserves the essence of the original space.  Surrounded by ancient vineyards, this is a "mindfulness" environment in every sense, one that transmits calm and invites self-reflection as it did to the monks who occupied the grounds generations before.


During the trip, these 4 Natura Bissé women had the opportunity to experience the second chapter of The Mindful Touch at the Nature Bissé spa, one of the most exquisite in Spain. The treatment chosen for the occasion was 3D Collagen Shock, based on an exclusive combination of three kinds of collagen with different molecular weights that visibly firms and deeply hydrates your skin, revealing a youthful, glowing complexion.


Alejandra Vallejo-Nágera, whose innovative mindfulness retreats have garnered a world-wide audience, led the rest of the day.  In the early morning she guided them in a "Chi Kung" session, an ancient Chinese technique that combines mind, breathing and physical exercises, transforming the body to serve as a conduit of energies between heaven and earth. The technique was an exhilarating experience in itself but practicing this ancient art in the reverent beauty of Abadia’s chapel, enveloped in the music’s soft sonority, became a uniquely inspired life moment.


The jeep excursion through the 500 acres of immaculate vineyards was an exceptional occasion to discover and fall in love with the art behind each of Abadía Retuerta Le Domaine’s wines. Before dinner, they were instructed in deep breathing exercises to become aware of the individual rhythm of each breath.  You would be surprised at the speed we go through life without realizing it! A special note of appreciation for the delicious and creative dinner held in the spectacular Refectorio.  Keeping the architecture of the original refectory intact, this Michelin Star restaurant headed by world re-known Chef Marc Segarra is recognized as a sanctuary for the true gourmand.

The second chapter of The Mindful Touch could not have been launched in a better scenario to transport our guests to a deep state of well-being and restoration. Natura Bissé creates revolutionary wellness experiences and The Mindful Touch is a great example of this, a ritual that combines mindfulness with virtual reality and the power of touch to help guests enjoy the spa experience as never before.