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5 tips for a more fulfilling 2018


If you have not yet begun to practice mindfulness, the start of the year is a good time to make it a part of your life. This technique, also known as full awareness, helps you relieve stress and tension, focus better and face your worries from a much calmer, more positive place. Here are 5 simple keys to practicing mindfulness. Do this regularly and in a short time you will start seeing benefits. 


  1. 1. Start with one minute

Use the small actions you do on a daily basis as a way to exercise full attention, at least during the first minute: brushing your teeth, showering, playing with your children, talking to someone, walking the dog, playing sports, eating, etc.  

In other words, use all 5 senses in everything you do, trying not to think about anything else. You can begin with one of these activities and practice it for an entire month in order to develop the habit. Then move on to another. 


  1. 2. Stop, breathe and observe

When you feel worried or upset about something, take a few moments to simply be present. Stop whatever you are doing, breathe deeply a few times and focus your attention on the sensations you notice in your body. Just observe what you are feeling, without judging or focusing on your discomfort. You will see that you immediately feel a little better. 


  1. 3. Savor the present

Enjoy those small moments that bring joy to your life:  a beautiful sunset, a hug from someone who loves you, a delicious dessert, a massage, a walk in the woods, and so on. Re-learn how to savor them and gratefully appreciate them. 


  1. 4. Set aside distraction-free times to reconnect

Try to get away from electronic devices during meals and at night (do not use them in the last 15 minutes before you go to sleep or the first 15 minutes after waking up.) These moments of peace will help you reconnect with yourself. 


  1. 5. Leave work at work and home at home

With this goal in mind, you can breathe deeply every time you open the door to your home when returning from work. The same thing applies when you get to the office. Try not to carry your concerns from one environment to the other. 



Your mindful spa experience

Determination and consistency are essential to seeing the positive effects of mindfulness. Because of that, whether you are already experienced or you are looking for a new way to approach this practice, you can enjoy its benefits with this treatment from Natura Bissé. It is not a guided mindfulness session, but rather an exceptional protocol inspired by the technique: one that combines skincare, virtual reality and relaxation to take you into a deep state of wellbeing.