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Discovering our inspiring new ambassador:


NEW YORKER, successful entrepreneur and It girl Indré Rockefeller dazzles wherever she goes with her charm, savoir faire and authenticity. The new Natura Bissé ambassador in the Big Apple is the very definition of a strong, honest spirit who refuses to live her life under default rules if they don’t match her inner values and convictions.

A tireless worker, she destroys any cliché about those born or wed into privilege with an endless supply of passion and commitment. A career in ballet instilled in her a sense of discipline, strength and creativity, and her degree from Princeton and MBA from Stanford Business School became the perfect allies on her path

to personal and profesional success. After working in the luxury industry with big names such as Anna Wintour, Spanish fashion brand Delpozo, and ultra-trendy e-tailer, Moda Operandi, she embarked on a new adventure by founding her own company: Paravel. 

Paravel is an ingenious brand of travel bags and accessories that incorporates innovative, travel-proof materials, meticulous construction, and elegant design to meet the needs of today’s travel lovers like her.

Discover Indré Rockefeller in 10 quick questions that will reveal a unique and powerful woman who understands beauty, quality, and life as intensely as Natura Bissé does. Enjoy!

NB: Who is Indre Rockefeller? Describe yourself in 3 words.
IR: Loves: laughter, adventure, family 

NB: One Strength and one weakness of Indre Rockefeller?
IR: Strength: creative; weakness: impatient

NB: Things you never forget when traveling?
IR: My Paravel Crossbody Capsule bag, Natura Bissé NB·Ceutical  SOS Instant Rescue, and my Iphone. 

NB: What is your definition of beauty?
IR: Confidence and authenticity. 

NB: Favorite NATURA BISSÉ product / products?
IR: The Oxygen Complex, NB·Ceutical  SOS Instant Rescue, and the C+C Vitamin Oil-Free Sunscreen.

NB: The best beauty advice your mother gave you?
IR: A beauty routine should start with taking care of your body and mind.  

NB: If you could learn to do anythink, what would it be?
IR: I would learn to code.

NB:When you have 30 minutes of free time, just for you, what do you do?
IR: I go for a walk.





NB:  What did you feel after your first Natura Bissé facial? or How would you describe a Natura Bissé facial?
IR:  The most memorable facial I've had was the Natura Bissé pure air bubble experience, supplemented by VR.  I left feeling invigorated, refreshed, and inspired by what the future of wellness holds. 

NB: Your best kept secret to success?
IR: Don't get hung up on failures, they are often the best moments to learn from.