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5 Natura Bissé ideas


We all cherish receiving the perfect gift from someone dear to our heart. Still undecided? Here is the ultimate Natura Bissé wish list to give the gift of radiant skin this Holiday season. Keep reading and you will find ideas for everyone.


1. For a wise choice

For the year-end, Natura Bissé creates its exclusive gift sets. Wonderful combinations with the most iconic products. This year, these sets include specific anti-aging formulas for your face and eye and lip contour areas selected from DIAMOND COLLECTION and ESSENTIAL SHOCK INTENSE LINE.


2. For techies or mindfulness fans

Designed to relax your body and awaken your senses, THE MINDFUL TOUCH is a cutting-edge protocol that combines the most exclusive skincare, a professional therapist’s expertise, virtual reality and mindfulness. Not only can show off your beautiful skin, but you will also enjoy all the physical subtleties of treatment.


3. For dazzleING these holidays

If you are looking for an ideal gift for those who have an agenda full of commitments and need to ensure perfect complexion in record time, Natura Bissé has designed DIAMOND INSTANT GLOW. A 3 phase mini-treatment that exfoliates, provides instant luminosity and results in an immediate tightening effect, which transforms your skin in only 10 minutes. Professional results at home.



Sleepless nights can take their toll on the delicate area around your eyes. To treat this sensitive skin, Natura Bissé has created: DIAMOND EXTREME EYE, with lifting effect, INHIBIT HIGH DEFINITION PATCHES, corrective patches, THE CURE SHEER EYE, an anti-fatigue cream, and ESSENTIAL SHOCK INTENSE EYE & LIP, which fights against signs of aging.



5. For lovers of a home spa moment 

Our last proposal to fully enjoy a beauty moment of relaxation and comfort at home is the 3 MASK RITUAL. A facial mask routine that triple the benefits of your beauty ritual. These results can even be enhanced by applying the ultra-effective exfoliant (with 5 alpha-hydroxy acids) DIAMOND GLYCO EXTREME PEEL.