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3, 2, 1… Radiant Christmas

Christmas Countdown

With only a few weeks left until Christmas, you'll have to hurry if you want everything to be ready. Buying gifts, decorating the tree, addressing cards... and above all, taking extra care to celebrate this season with glowing skin. At Natura Bissé, we know that these are very special days and we'd like to offer you a unique beauty plan and the best kept secrets so you can enjoy Christmas with perfect skin. This year… give yourself your own, personal Beauty calendar!


Two weeks before

Your skin, a blank canvas 

THE DETOX-FACIAL CURE will be your best ally to begin the plan. This protocol, based on a thermo-active enzymatic detox, will deep-clean and relieve stress in your skin. Take just 60 minutes to recover immaculate, healthy skin, and remember: the first step to beautiful, healthy skin is cleansing. 


1 week before

Rebalance body and soul

With all of the preparation involved, the days leading up to the holidays can be very stressful. If you have a moment, reserve a LOMI-JUMA MASSAGE RITUAL body session, which fuses several massage techniques to release the flow of energy, unblock joints and soothe muscle tension. Give yourself a break and rebalance body and mind. Your body will thank you, your skin will truly glow and you will feel rested – helping you face Christmas with greater energy. A luxurious experience that will transform you, inside and out. And remember… your inner peace will also show on your skin!


48 hours before

The secret to eternal youth 

DIAMOND LIFE INFUSION is Natura Bissé’s extraordinary "elixir of youth", the protocol preferred by celebrities. In this ritual, sophisticated massage techniques are combined with advanced active ingredients that regulate the skin's age biomarkers. Thanks to diamond dust or natural pearl and gold flecks, your skin will look remarkably more youthful: fewer wrinkles, more firmness, more definition and a glow that will draw every eye. 






If you travel, don't forget to take these wherever you go, and your skin will glow like never before. They will become your best beauty secret.  



This luxurious mask provides an infusion of incomparable youth that refines your facial contour and diffuses wrinkles. When you remove it (after 20 minutes) your skin will be visibly smoother, firmer and supple, like a movie star’s! One hour before the big moment, stop the clock, reconnect with yourself and enjoy the benefits of this unique experience filled with new sensations.




This extraordinary serum will provide your skin with an unprecedented firming and wrinkle-filling effect. A professional facelift for use at home! Apply the product on the most pronounced expression lines and wrinkles, as though you were filling them in. Massage the product into your skin, focusing on the most noticeable areas, and let the results surprise you. 





The latest revolution from Natura Bissé: the first topical dermal filler with a platelet-based growth factor and double hyaluronic acid, it spectacularly restores your skin's density and diffuses wrinkles, allowing you to ring in Christmas with amazingly rejuvenated skin. The trick? Use gentle movements to smooth this unique moisturizer on your face, working from the center and sweeping outwards, and you will get the most out of its firming-mesh effect. 




In addition to the numerous anti-aging benefits provided by this eye-contouring product, THE CURE SHEER EYE will help the area around your eyes look completely rested: its subtle color pigments, which adapt to any skin tone, effectively conceal signs of fatigue such as puffiness and under-eye shadows. 





We know you will want to wear your favorite jewelry, so don't forget to pay attention to your neck and décolleté for a look that is 100% chic. TENSOLIFT NECK CREAM is a microlifting tightener that unveils firmer, supple skin in this area. 



This will make a true difference to your skin. The invisible protective veil seals the surface of your skin, provides long-lasting, intense hydration and a lifting effect. It also sets your makeup and provides your skin with extra protection against environmental aggressors. Apply it as the last step in your beauty ritual, just before your makeup. It will be your secret weapon to show off skin that remains radiant until the following day. 





As the hours go by, does your makeup fade and lose its freshness? Spritz your face with DIAMOND MIST to set your makeup and get an instant boost of energy and well-being. Don't forget to take it with you in your bag, so you can look perfect all night long. 





Are you looking to find gifts that are sure to be on target this Christmas? Click here and surprise yourself with Natura Bissé's exclusive, limited edition sets. But watch out - you'll probably want them for yourself, as well!

And if you want to give an unforgettable experience, go to your closest beauty center and ask about a gift certificate. You will find all of Natura Bissé's body, massage and facial treatment protocols here.