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5 essential ingredients for skin youth


Antioxidants   are the best weapon that our body has to fight free radicals, the main enemies of the skin and health. If they are produced in excess, these atoms or groups of unstable atoms generate what we know as oxidative stress: a process that damages the cells and causes premature aging or even diseases.




Our own body produces antioxidant enzymes, but we can also acquire them through a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, or foods such as nuts, turmeric or green tea.   In addition to protecting us from within, it is essential to provide antioxidants directly to the skin, both to repair the oxidative damage that we have already suffered, and to keep it beautiful for a long time. These are some of the key ingredients that should not be missing in any beauty routine.



Vitamin C can be presented in different forms: cyclodextrins of pure vitamin C, stabilized ascorbic acid... The ideal option is a cosmetic that combines them, to ensure better absorption and more complete and lasting benefits. In addition, vitamin C favors the synthesis of collagen and elastin, so it combats the formation of wrinkles and improves elasticity. It also helps to even skin tone and to fade away dark spots.

Vitamin E (alpha-tocoferol)

This vitamin acts specifically to prevent the oxidation of lipids in the membranes of skin cells. It contributes to proper cellular function and to preserve these membranes intact, which translates into vital, rejuvenated and supple skin.



It could be in the form of pro-vitamin A (carotenoids) or retinol. Retinol boosts cell renewal and is one of the most effective active ingredients for reversing photo-aging. Carrot oil is high in beta-carotene; look for creams and serums that contain it.



Promotes the generation of optimal levels of vitamin D, an antioxidant vitamin which plays a vital role in the prevention of skin aging. We only need 10 minutes a day in the sun to get it, but many sunscreens block its synthesis. Choose pro-vitamin D protectors to get the vitamin D you need to prevent premature aging.



This compound of the grape is not only one of the most powerful known antioxidants, but also has photo-protective properties and contributes to the repair of cellular DNA. Grape seed oil, a cosmetic ingredient with many benefits, is very rich in resveratrol.




With C+C VITAMIN LINE by Natura Bissé you will provide your skin the antioxidants it needs to be protected and look firm and luminous. Its formulas include vitamin E, pro-vitamin D, carrot oil and grape seed oil, as well as vitamin C presented in different forms for incredibly effective action.