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My Beauty Secret

8 minutes to great skin

Choosing the right products is essential, but it’s also crucial to follow a regular and consistent daily skincare routine. You only need 8 minutes per day, 4 in the morning and 4 in the evening. Your skin will feel the difference. ¿Shall we start? 





A proper cleansing ritual is a crucial step for your skin to look young and radiant for longer. It is essential if you want your skin to absorb the benefits of your cosmetics. Both morning and evening, you need to remove all the impurities that make your skin look dull. At night, removing your makeup is vital to allow your skin to breathe and regenerate while you are sleeping, so say goodbye to laziness and don’t go to bed without a clean face!




Toner will help balance skin’s natural pH while providing a nice fresh feel. Choose the right one for your skin’s needs and take it with you everywhere you go. If you opt for a spray toner you’ll be able to reapply it throughout the day to freshen up, even if you are wearing make up. And it will immediately restore your glowing appearance. Now, with a clean, free-of-impurities face, you can apply the specific products to treat your skin.


For lots of women, serum is the great unknown. It is the product that includes the highest amount of active ingredients, so it is the best option to address different skin concerns. Apply it all over the face before your daily moisturizer, but do not use too much product. Serums are very concentrated, so a small amount goes a long way.



Do not forget to take care of your eye contour area with specific products, since it is where early signs of aging are more visible. Apply the chosen product by gently massaging from the corner of the eye outwards, at a distance of approximately 1 cm from the eyelashes.


Now, the moisturizing cream! Well hydrated skin is beautiful and perfectly protected, because, remember, dryness is one of the signs of premature aging. Stay away from it! Supple skin is stronger and more resilient, making it more radiant and smooth … ¡younger-looking!


When choosing your moisturizer, you have to find the right texture for your skin, but remember that you may need a different kind of product depending on the season, your level of stress, etc. A skincare specialist will help you understand your skin’s needs, so do not hesitate to visit your beauty center to ask for advice.




Last but not least, sunscreen is a crucial step in the perfect beauty ritual. It is important to use it daily throughout the year. If you don’t use an SPF product over your regular cream every morning, you can choose a treatment cream that includes sun protection, along with anti-aging, antioxidant and anti-spots ingredients. Moreover, if it adds a luminous touch of color, you will have a multi-tasking moisturizer that will leave your skin glowing.


Remember: 6 steps, 8 minutes a day, 4 in the morning and 4 in the evening, and your skin will be prettier than ever.




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