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2016 goal: Wellbeing


At Natura Bissé, we specialize in caring for your skin but we also know that true beauty comes from within. With that in mind, we’ve compiled the best tips to pamper yourself inside as well as out.


1. Move more

Physical activity provides more than countless benefits to your body. By generating endorphins -the happiness molecule- it boosts your vitality, improves your self-image and minimizes the risk of depression. It also increases cognitive function.

Natura Bissé Tip: Join a gym that has a wellness center; that way, you can exercise and also relax and care for your skin. We recommend the Metropolitan Iradier in Barcelona, Grace Belgravia in London or Rancho Valencia Resort Spa (Rancho Santa Fe, California) an hotel with amazing facilities where you can practice all sorts of activities, like yoga or spinning. You won’t be sorry!

2. Stop and Unplug

Downtime is essential to maintaining balance. You might take a meditation or mindfulness course. It will help reduce anxiety, improve your job performance and make you feel infinitely better. 

Natura Bissé Tip: Start by trying meditation at home. There are thousands of videos and podcasts available online that offer guided sessions. Once a week, use this time to apply your favorite mask, for instance, DIAMOND WHITE GLOWING MASK o ESSENTIAL SHOCK INTENSE MASK. Not only will your mind thank you - your skin will, as well! 

3. Practice altruism…

It has been proven that one’s mental health benefits from the practice of generosity. Selfless acts promote physiological changes in the brain that cause us to be happier. They increase self-esteem, reduce stress... they even make us live longer!

Natura Bissé Tip: Why don't you put it into practice, giving a little something unexpected? If that something is beauty-related, like a product or treatment, your loved ones are sure to be delighted. Log in to our locator to find the nearest beauty center where you can purchase your gift. 

4. …but take care of yourself,
as well

Caring for yourself is not only positive, but necessary. Psychologists never tire of reminding us of that! Learn to say no, and to not always put the needs of others before your own. The only thing this will lead to is frustration. To feel truly at peace, you need to care for yourself first. Don't forget it! 

Natura Bissé Tip: If you can, give yourself a little treat from time to time, guilt-free! And what better than a beauty treatment to truly pamper yourself? DIAMOND LIFE INFUSION provides a wonderful dose of wellbeing for your skin - and your spirit! 

5. Train your mind

Do you know what brain plasticity is? What it means is that, with the dedication and some work, we can create new neural connections. Neuroscience debunks the idea that certain behaviors cannot be changed. Knowing that you can shape your reactions (with some work, of course), why not train your mind to be, for example, more optimistic? 

Natura Bissé Tip: Smile at life without fear of expression lines! The INHIBIT COLLECTION products are surprisingly good at softening wrinkles. And for your eye contour, there’s DIAMOND EXTREME EYE. It never fails.

6. Become an explorer

Science has also demonstrated the health benefits of travel; there are even studies that show that going on vacation helps reduce the risk of heart attacks. Travel forces you to move, increases empathy, breaks patterns of negative thought... it’s a great tool for personal growth! 

Natura Bissé Tip: If you travel to far away countries, you can enjoy exquisite Natura Bissé experiences at hotels such as the Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa (Maldives) or The Temple House Hotel (Chengdu, China).

7. Get him to join the cause

If all these goals are going to help you lead a more satisfying life, why not convince him to join in? If you both take care of yourselves, you’ll see an even greater change and will transform your life as a couple (for the better!)

Natura Bissé Tip: There are many products that are well-suited for him. He’ll love the fast-absorbing texture of ESSENTIAL SHOCK INTENSE RETINOL FLUID, and the refreshing, hydrating properties of THE CURE HYDRO-GEL TONER are sure to make it a favorite.